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Me and my husband could not have made it without the great care and personal touches of the entire Kamcare staff!
— Sarah P.

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Kristi Meyer was sent from God Himself! I don’t know what I have done so right to have found her!
— Nina P.

Please don’t stop coming to see me! I’m afraid I’ll go downhill if you leave because y’all have got me so much better so fast!
— Jessie S.
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Went to the grocery store and was finally able to reach and bend to get my own groceries without my daughter’s help because of the amazing nursing and therapy Kamcare provided me!
— Barbara C.

Super excited to get back home from my stay in Inpatient Rehab to have Kamcare nurses and therapists again.
— Fannie T.

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Kamcare Home Health sent Sheridan out to provide therapy and he was amazing! He had me outside and walking and I am so thankful Kamcare sent this therapist to see me. This was exactly what I needed!
— Cleophus C.

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